Linux Weekly Round-Up #5

Linux Weekly Round-Up #5

Welcome to this week's Linux Round-Up!

This week started off extremely slow distro release wise.  Clearly, people are getting ready for their Christmas vacation but at the end of the week, Deepin sends out 700mb of updates for Deepin 15.8 which fixed most of the bugs and a few new features.   Endless OS, Arcolinux have new releases and Linux Mint 19.1 stable are being tested so it will be out soon!

If I had to look at all the Linux Distros of this year, I would have to give Deepin 15.8 the wooden spoon as it was filled with new features but even more bugs and it was disappointing to me because Deepin is rolling and a person can't choose if they want to upgrade or not to the latest version, a person just gets it and 15.7 was great and 15.8 was bad,  I know of people who used Deepin who wrote me that they can't use it anymore.  Like I like Deepin and I think it is great they are doing something fresh and it is good for the market in general as other distros are looking at them and also improve.  But if you have a rolling release without the option of opt-out of upgrades then they can't send bugs.  Luckily with the huge update that came out on the 13-14th, all those bugs were squashed so I really hope they learned from it and won't let it happen again.

The app of the week is the release of KDE Apps 18.12,  I have already upgraded my version of Kdenlive to 18.12 and I am planning to make a video of 5 features that stood out for me in KDE Apps 18.12.

The hardware hotspot of this week is not actually hardware but it is about an article I wrote this week about backup solutions for Linux if you do not have backups check it out before it is too late! :)

Thank you for reading and see you next week!

Johan Seyfferdt
Linux Made Simple

16 December 2018

Deepin 15.8 V2 -
ArcoLinux 18.12.7 -
Endless OS 3.5.2 -

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