Linux Weekly Roundup #10

Linux Weekly Roundup #10

Hello and welcome to this week's Linux Roundup.

Distro wise it has been a quiet week for Linux, with basically only Debian with a new release namely Debian 9.7.

There has been some other major releases however which I am still waiting for to come fully down the pipeline before I make my videos and blogs are Wine 4.0 (sadly it is not yet in the repositories) and LXQt Desktop Environment 0.14.0 which has nearly been completely ported into Lubuntu 19.04 Daily Builds, but it is still in the process, as the file manager is still 0.13.0 and just a black background so I will give the project a few days before making a video.

Another notable release is LibreOffice 6.2 which will be released on Monday the 28th, which promise to make customizing in LibreOffice a lot easier.

The last notable app release of this week is Inkscape 1.0 Alpha, which is exciting as Inkscape has been with us since 2003 and finally is moving to 1.0 which is exciting for Linux and the Inkscape team for sure!

Well, this is all for this week!  See you soon!

Johan Seyfferdt
27 January 2019

Debian 9.7 -
Inkscape 1.0 Alpha -