Brave, the Browser for the Future

The Brave Browser is an exciting new browser on the horizon with a feature that makes them truly unique and it maybe should just be your new browser.

Brave focus on better privacy, less tracking, ads-free but it still gives you the option to support your favorite websites without spending any of your money and the best thing is you can make some money by simply browsing the web!

When I realized that Brave gives you the things mentioned above, I started to use it about two months ago and it was a great decision.  I have a faster browsing experience and everything just works!

Brave is using Chromium Based browser and all the Google Chrome extensions work on it.

Brave has a build-in ad and track blocker build into it, which blocks ads, blocks 3rd party cookies, blocks 3rd party fingerprinting and makes https everywhere (it also gives you the option to block scripts).  If you want to you can also disable some of these features or whitelists specific sites.

Adblocking is nothing new, but Adblockers stop website creators to receive money from Ads which is a concern and until now it remained a problem.  Brave fixes this problem by on occasion just send it's users some money, about $5 a money, in an online currency called BAT which can be converted to USD.  At the moment, it should change soon, it is difficult to actually get the cash but you can easily send donations to your favorites sites and YouTube channels, like mine, from the money which you got by just using the internet!  This feature is called Brave Rewards and it is actually amazing, you can use the internet ad-free and much more secure and you can choose how much money your favorite sites get by money you get for browsing the web!

The only requirement is that your favorite site or channel must be a verified partner to receive the rewards, so if it isn't then please ask the creator to do it, as it is also free!

Before continuing I want to show you a picture of my home screen, which gives you useful information on how Brave made your web experience secure!

You might think that about $5 is not bad for doing nothing but it is just about to get better, Brave Browser will soon get opt-in ads, you can choose how many you would like to see per day, it will be family-friendly ads and the big difference is, compared to other ads are that you will get 70% of the money of the ads, which you will be able to receive in some way or another!

The other 30% will go to the Brave team, and that will support them financially!

It is a brilliant idea, if you ask me, the Brave Browser is great and secure, you can support your favorite sites financially, you get and will be able to get more money in the future and the Brave team is being paid.

If you want to install Brave and use it yourself, please click on the link below and you will support my website/project as well!

Brave also gives you the ability to search the web privately with a normal private window and they even go a step further to have a private window with TOR.

Brave is available on mobile phones also.

Installation Instructions:
Please click on the link above "Get Brave!!!!" and then click on the download button, there will you find all the commands which you just have to copy/paste into a terminal.
Here is a blog I wrote with an installation video and commands, but please first click on the command above to support me as well!