Linux Weekly Roundup #14

Hello and welcome to this week's Linux weekly roundup.

It has not been the busiest week for Linux Workstation Releases.  There have been a few servers versions out and you can read more about it on, but which stood out for me was only two Linux distros this week and it was the release of Manjaro 18.0.3, I looked at the Cinnamon edition and it is beautiful. Mageia 7 Beta 2 is the other and I am planning to make a video about it tomorrow.

Gnome 3.32 Beta 2 has been released on the 21st of February and I really hope it will be in Ubuntu 19.04.

Well this it the news for this week, I really hope I will have more news for you next week!

Johan Seyfferdt

Mamjaro 18.0.3 Cinnamon -