Linux Weekly Roundup #15

Hello and welcome to this week's Linux Weekly Roundup and what a week we had!

The Linux releases that stood out for me the most are: Linux Lite 4.4 RC1, KaOS 19.02 and Ubuntu 19.04 have also entered its Feature Freeze stage and I made a video of it.  I also made a video and blog about Mageia 7 Beta 2 which I mentioned last week.

The app which I want to look at this week is my new default browser, the Brave Browser.  They are doing something completely different than the rest, for more information read the blog!

Well, this is this week's Linux Roundup, to see all the Linux distros which were released this week, look at

Johan Seyfferdt

Mageia 7 Beta 2 -
Ubuntu 19.04 Feature Freeze -
Linux Lite 4.4 RC1 -
KaOS 19.02 -

The Brave Browser -