Linux Weekly Roundup #16

Hello and welcome to this week's Linux Roundup.

We had an exciting Linux week with a couple of distros with releases, Linux Kernel 5.0 is out and some exciting news for Ubuntu 19.04 and Linux Mint 19.2.

SolydXK 201902, SparkyLinux 5.7, SwagArch 19.03 and Archman 19.03 Openbox are the distro releases of this week.

The App news of the week has to be Linux Kernel 5.0 and we already know it will be in Ubuntu 19.04.  Ubuntu 19.04 new mascot has also been revealed, a Dingo with earphones on but I do like it, I can't wait for the official wallpaper to be released.  On the Linux Mint side, we know that 19.2 will come with a new Mint Logo and the code name is Tina.  So it's development cycle has started.

Well, this is your Linux Roundup for this week, thank you for reading!

Johan Seyfferdt

SolydK 201902 -
SparkyLinux 5.7 -
SwagArch 19.03 -
Archman 19.03 Openbox -