Linux Weekly Roundup #17

Hello and welcome to this week's Linux Weekly Roundup.  

This was an exciting week for Linux with many new releases, Gnome 3.32 and more!

The distros releases of this week are Deepin 15.9.2 Beta,  ArcoLinux 19.03, and Rosa Fresh 11.  

Gnome 3.32 is out and if will be in Fedora 30 and Ubuntu 19.04 and many others.

The App of this week has to be the release of Audacity 2.3.1, Linux didn't get a 2.3 release as there was a major bug that only affected Linux systems, but it has been fixed and Audacity 2.3.1 has a Linux release.

Well, this is the Linux Roundup for the week, see you next week!
Johan Seyfferdt

Deepin 15.9.2 Beta -
ArcoLinux 19.03 -
Rosa Fresh 11 -

Audacity 2.3.1 -