Linux Weekly Roundup #161


I hope you are doing well?  We had a good week in the world of Linux Releases, with Pop!_OS 21.10, Kaisen Linux 2.0, SparkyLinux 2021.12, MakuluLinux Shift NextGen, Debian 11.2, 
ALT Linux 10.0 beta, Debian Edu 11.2, ReactOS 0.4.14, and Bluestar Linux 5.15.7.

We hope you have a wonderful week and merry Christmas!

Johan Seyfferdt,
Linux Made Simple

Last week:
Linux Mint 20.3 Beta MATE -
Linux Mint 20.3 Beta XFCE -
This week:
Pop!_OS 21.10 -
For all download links and more, look at