Linux Weekly Round-Up #1

Linux Weekly Round-Up #1

Welcome to my first weekly, Linux Round-Up and thank you for subscribing to these round-ups.

This weekly round-up will be short and filled with info.  We will be looking at Linux Distros and apps with new releases and much more!

I will also publish these round-ups on my blog, so you can easily share it with others.

Please let me know if you would like to recommend any changes to make these letters better!

The four major distros with new releases in this week were Deepin 15.8, Feren OS 18.11ArcoLinux 18.11.2 and Voyager 18.10.

Voyager has started a new journey which is based on Gnome, so basically stock Ubuntu which lots of extensions and some really nice features.  I would not use it yet as my main OS but I will keep my eyes on it, as it feels like it's first beta release working up to 20.04 LTS.  As we know that is what Short Terms Releases are meant to do, to stabilize new ideas for the next LTS release.

AcroLinux released another stable snapshot of their beautiful, rolling Arch distros with the XFCE Desktop Environment.

Feren OS, released the latest snapshot of their Cinnamon release as well as their KDE dev version which is still buggy, installer not working properly, but so much potential and their Cinnamon release, based on Linux Mint 19 and it has become so much smoother and stable.  This release is one of the distros with is focused on people who like the Windows feeling but want to use the power and joys of Linux.

Debian 15.8 came out with many exciting new features which makes us all excited, but also many bugs which need to be smoothed out, I hope 15.9 will come out soon and fix all these problems!

Well, that's the first Linux Round-Up.  I hope you enjoyed it and expect to get the next one, next Monday!

Johan Seyfferdt,
Linux Made Simple