Blue Snowflake Microphone

Blue Snowflake Microphone

Today I want to speak of one of my favorite hardware components.  I started my YouTube channel, Linux Made Simple about 3 years ago, as you know with only background music, then during that time I got several comments of people who wanted to here my voice as well.  So I did it, for a brief moment on Linux Made Simple but I lost a ton of subscribers and I released two things.  Firstly, Linux Made Simple should stay as it is and Secondly, I must get a good microphone and start another channel.  So, as I do not live in the USA, a friend of mine helped me to buy the Blue Yeti on Amazon on Black Friday 3 years ago,  I received it a few months later and I really enjoyed it as I had a desk at my work and it is a great sturdy mic with great quality.  However about a year ago, I had some traveling coming up so I was looking for a traveling mic, also a blue microphone as I released it is the quality that I am after.  That is where I found the Blue Snowflake Mic and I found a used one on eBay which I bought.  I did not, however, use it on my month's holiday as I rested, but later in 2018 we, my family and I, moved to a remote town where I do not have my own desk and office as I am a freelancer now.  After settled in I started to make videos again for my voice-over channel with the Blue Snowflake and even though it is a mono mic it has a great sound and quality to it and as it can easily be connected to your laptop's screen a person also know the exact distance you need to be away from it.  I used it on several different Linux Distros and it, at least for me, is automatically the default microphone when connected.

If you want to hear the quality of this microphone, look at my voice-over channel and enjoy my South African accent!

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