Linux Weekly Roundup #19

Hello and welcome to this week's Linux Roundup!

Ubuntu 19.04 Beta, for Ubuntu and all its flavors, were released, Feren OS 19.03 was released and Condres 19.04.

Linux Lite 4.4 has just been released and Sabayon 19.03 also, but I will only have time to look at them in the upcoming week.

We are also expecting Fedora 30 Beta to be released in this upcoming week.

Well, this is the Linux Roundup for this week, see you next week!

Ps.  Next week's letter might be a bit earlier or later as I and my family will be traveling.

Feren OS 2019.03 -
Feren OS KDE Experimental with KDE Plasma 5.15 -
Ubuntu 19.04 Beta -
Kubuntu 19.04 Beta -
Lubuntu 19.04 Beta -
Ubuntu MATE 19.04 Beta -
Ubuntu Kylin 19.04 Beta -
Xbuntu 19.04 Beta -
Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 Beta -
Condres 19.04 -