Linux Weekly Roundup #25

Hello and welcome to this week's Linux Roundup.  It has been a full week of Linux Releases and some exciting software releases.

As for Linux Releases, we have Manjaro 19 Alpha, Freespire 4.8 and Condres 19.05.

Slimbook releases a battery optimizer app based on TPL with a very nice graphical interface.

Lastly and it is not completely Linux Related, Lumina Desktop 1.5 is released, it was in the past possible to install it on Linux and that's when I started to look at it, nowadays it is only available on FreeBSD and it is the default Desktop Environment for Project Trident, and it is an easy to install FreeBSD distro and I had a quick look at it as well.

Well this, this for this week!  See you next week!
Johan Seyfferdt

Manjaro 19 Alpha -
Freespire 4.8 -
Condres 19.05 -
Project Trident 19.05 -
Slimbook Battery Optimizer -