Linux Weekly Roundup #34

Hello and welcome to this week's Linux Roundup.  Thank you so much for your time.

We had another good week of Linux Releases.

Sparky Linux 4.11, Linux Mint 19.2 Beta (well kind of, please read below how their release process works), Feren OS 19.07 and Feren OS Next Beta has been released.

Other distros I have been looking at this week is Clear Linux with Gnome 3.32 and Artix Linux 20190609.

About the Linux Mint release method, when all the development is done, the ISO is being tested by a Linux Mint team and Clem, the main guy of Linux Mint will approve all the ISOs when he feels they are ready, when all of the ISOs are approved, the ISOs are being pushed into all the Linux Mint Download Mirrors, after all the mirrors are being updated, Linux Mint writes their release notes.  
We are currently at the point where all the ISOs has been approved and already being pushed into the Download Mirrors.

Well, this is it, for this week's Linux Roundup.  See you next week!

Johan Seyfferdt,
Linux Made Simple

Distro Releases
Linux Mint 19.2 Beta Cinnamon (Links to XFCE and MATE will be here next week) -

External Links
The site where Linux Mint approves releases -