Linux Weekly Roundup #35

Hello and welcome to this week's Linux Roundup and what a wonderful week we had!

We have plenty of Linux Distro releases and LibreOffice 6.3 RC1.

The Linux distros with releases this week are Q4OS 3.8, SparkyLinux 5.8, Mageia 7.1, ArcoLinux 19.07.11, Deepin 15.11, ArchBang 2107-beta, Bluestar 5.2.1, Slackel 7.2 "Openbox" and Endeavour OS 2019.07.15.

I looked at most of these Linux Distros, links below, I will look at some of them in the new week and some I will unfortunately not have a look at, for download links and more, please visit

Well, this is this week's Linux Roundup, thank you so much for your time!  Have a great week!

Johan Seyfferdt,
Linux Made Simple

Last Week:
Linux Mint 19.2 Beta MATE -
Linux Mint 19.2 Beta XFCE -
Feren OS Next 19.07 Beta -

This Week:
Endeavour OS 2019.07.15 -
Deepin 15.11 -
Sparky Linux 5.8 -
AcroLinux 19.07.11 -