Linux Weekly Roundup #37

Hello and welcome to this week's Linux Roundup.  It has been a wonderful, busy week in Linux with many fantastic Linux distro releases.

Linux Lite 4.6 RC1, Linux Mint 19.2, Manjaro 18.10.0 RC6, Sparky 6 (2019.08) with Debian 11 (testing) and Pardus 19.0 has been released.

I made reviews of the first 3 mentioned above and I will make reviews of the last two mentioned in the coming week.

As for applications, Blender 2.80 has been released this week!

Well, this is the highlights in Linux for this week, see you next week!

Johan Seyfferdt,
Linux Made Simple

Linux Lite 4.6 RC1 -
Linux Mint 19.2 -
Manjaro 18.10.0 RC6 -
How to install Blender 2.80 on Linux Mint 19.1 -