Endless OS 3.4.8 Run Through

Endless 3.4 is a major upgrade from 3.3 with much more knowledge about things everyone needs to know and educational games.

It is perfect for an extra home pc, with or without internet just for children to learn from as it is filled with knowledge.

It is also perfect for places in cities where you want people to learn but not have access to the internet.

Also for remote places where there is limited technology to have a computer or two in public places where anybody can come and just learn.  We lived for 2 months close to Lake Baikal (20 minutes walk) and the best internet their was 3G and most people do not even have it or a computer and it would be perfect there.

In a city, is seen as a normal operating system you can reach its limits as you can't install any software besides from what is in the software center and flatpaks, and a few minor issues which they are working on.
But it is a great distro with a unique market!  Enjoy!

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