How to install World of Tanks on Ubuntu 18.04

I am really sorry, but since making the video, there had to be an update that broke this installation method.  I tried several ways to fix it but I couldn't.  I will let you know if a fix appears and please let me know if you get it to work and how!

Today we look at how to install World of Tanks on Ubuntu 18.04.  I tried a couple of times to install it via Lutris but I got stuck so I went the vanilla Wine way and it works great!  Commands and Links are below.  Enjoy!

Since making the video, Wine changed the installation method, therefore I updated the commands.  Just copy/paste them as seen in the video.

Since making this video, Wine 5.0 has arrived and the installation method has changed, look here.

Commands Used:
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
wget -nc
sudo apt-key add winehq.key
sudo apt-add-repository 'deb bionic main'
sudo apt install --install-recommends winehq-stable

Download Link:

Official Site:

Commands are based on this:

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