Nitrux 1.1.0

Today we are looking at the recently released Nitrux 1.1.0.

It is a highly customized KDE distro, with Kernel 4.19, Nomad desktop environment and based on Ubuntu 18.04 and together it is a beautiful stable distro which is fantastic!

The only issues which I ran into when installing it in a virtual machine, by the way, my host system is also Linux, is that a person has to enable EFI which can be found under the virtual machines settings/system/motherboard then the live cd will boot up, but I could not found an installer, so I installed calamares with sudo apt install calamares-settings-nitrux and it worked but grub did not install, so a person will need to install it manually if you are not dual-booting.  So in the end, I used the live cd to make this video with.

But besides from the installer, and I most probably just missed something or it will be fixed soon, then it is a wonderful release!  Enjoy!

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