Open-Source Routers

Open-Source Routers

I always dreamed of an open source router but I did not think it exists or that I can even afford it.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that it is actually very affordable and there is one for every need!
I was a System Administrator at a university for  5 years and of course, we needed many routers so I started to buy Asus routers when ours broke because it was the cheapest with 2.4 and 5GHZ options.
I was immediately impressed with the solid build and the web-interface but I really fell in love with it, when I was looking at their site one day, and I saw that you can download the software for every one of their routers, so open-source and they even have complicated instructions on how to install it on any pc on top of Ubuntu or Fedora, so I presume they use Ubuntu or Fedora as well but I can't say for certain.
But with all of this in mind prices ranging from $30 - $400 and for open source, Linux loving people this should be a great choice for you!

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