Avouch Linux 0.1.0 Beta 1 Gnome

Today we are looking at Avouch Linux 0.1.0 Beta 1, which is the first public release of the distro, so trust me it is full of bugs and glitches, the Gnome Session which we looked at is the best, the XFCE needs a lot of icons and stuff so it wasn't worth checking out yet.  However, I believe that it is worth checking out this distro, as it hopefully will mature, and we will be able to look back from where it started!

Some of the things that stands out for me are the following, it has one ISO and Gnome, XFCE, Gnome with Wayland (the default) and a custom Gnome session.  They also have a KDE and LXQT sessions and I am planning to have a look at it also.  I wonder if they do not try to add to many desktop environments, but nobody else does it, so it is good to feel out the ground!  Like I said there are bugs everywhere and I do not catch the Custom Gnome session yet, but I like the idea and I want to see what will happen to it.  They have Gnome 3.30, including Files but what I like about it, they have a Breeze theme for Gnome in their system, which you can enable in the Gnome Tweaks as shown halfway during the video.  So there are lots of small diamonds everywhere and I only hope success for this distro.

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