Linux Weekly Round-Up #3

Linux Weekly Round-Up #3


Welcome to this week's Linux Round-Up, thank you for subscribing to this weekly Linux news!

This week we had a full Linux week with many distros bringing out new releases before the end of the year and after Thanksgiving.  Wine has released a new stable version 3.0.4 and they also informed us that Wine 4 is coming out in 2019.  Linux Mint has also just released 19.1 Beta, Cinnamon, MATE, and XFCE.  This release is special due to  Cinnamon 4.0 and Nemo 4.0 which gave us a new good looking modern panel.

Other distros which came out this week and stood out for me are Ubuntu Pack 18.04, Parrot Security 4.4, Archman 18.11 IceWM and Calculate Linux 18.4 LXQT.

The App spotlight has to be Wine 3.0.4, if I look at my stats from my channels and blog I noticed that Wine is one of the big apps for many people and it is great to see that is being actively worked on and it is becoming better and better.

My hardware spotlight for this week is a Bluetooth speaker which sounds great and works great on Linux for an affordable price,  it is the JBL Bluetooth speakers.  If you want to read more check out the blog!

Thank you for reading and see you next week!

Ubuntu Pack 18.04 -
Parrot Security 4.4 -
Archman 18.11 IceWM -
Calculate Linux 18.4 LXQT -

Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon -
Linux Mint 19.1 MATE -
Linux Mint 19.1 XFCE -

Wine 3.0.4 -

JBL Bluetooth Speakers: -

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