Great Bluetooth Speakers of Ubuntu 18.04

Great Bluetooth Speakers of Ubuntu 18.04

In this week's hardware topic we are looking at some of the best Bluetooth speakers which I know of which works great and is affordable!

It is the JBL Go and the JBL Flip.

JBL is one of the most known names in Sound Systems across the world and these two are no exceptions.

I've been introduced to the Flip about 2 years ago when my aunt and uncle show theirs to me.  I love the crips sound, the build and the distance it can be away from your device from which you play the music off.

After that, I and my wife wanted to buy one for us but we did not really have a need for it, but I bought my wife a JBL Go for part of her Christmas gift.  It also has a crisp sound and loud enough for 1-2 medium sizes rooms but softer than the Flip.

Both these devices work great with Ubuntu if you have Bluetooth built into your system, sometimes you just need to click the Bluetooth button on your speaker to connect to your system, but at least for me, the sound is much better on the JBL than on my system.  It works great on Android as well.

A major difference between the Flip and the Go is that Flip is a stereo speaker and the Go is a mono speaker.

Buy it now on Amazon!

Prices range from $28 to $65


Buy on Amazon for $28
Release Notes:

JBL Flip 4  

Buy on Amazon for $65 
Release Notes:

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