Peppermint OS 9 Respin

Today we are looking at Peppermint OS 9 Respin, it is their second release based on Ubuntu 18.04, so it will be supported until April 2023 and it is their last release of the Peppermint OS 9 cycle, the next release should be Peppermint OS 10.  This release has the XFCE desktop environment and kernel 4.15 and I love the look and feel of it, it is light but smooth and beautiful which is a great combination!  They have a lot of electron apps, due to their app Ice which a person can use to make an electron app of any website easily.

This distro is also a combination between Ubuntu and Linux Mint.  You will find a lot of Ubuntu features like Software & Updates and Linux Mint like Nemo filesystem update manager and software center and a lot of unique Peppermint goodness, like the system settings and more!  Enjoy!

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