Deepin 15.9

Deepin has come out with a new release a few hours ago and it blows me away what they have done since Deepin 15.8.  15.8 was a disappointment for me as at least in VirtualBox the performance was below standard, not just for me.  They fixed it halfway with a whole boat full of updates and 15.9 is a step upwards, with a new onboard keyboard, screensavers and a new default wallpaper just to mention a few of the treasures.

Recently in the Linux news, people have been talking about the Beauty of Linux, something no one can ignore and the things the produce all operating systems should look at and copy to stay modern :)

However, the main problem I have with Deepin is the following, that a person doesn't have the optional choice to upgrade to a newer version of Deepin or not, a person just gets the latest.  I totally get that it is a rolling release but this stops me to recommend it to some people or use it in a big company for two reasons, 1) some people don't like change and 2) with so many updates which happens so often things can break and lots of work for a sysadmin (talking from the standpoint of a x-sysadmin).

But in general I love Deepin and they are doing many great things and I wish the world will take note!

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