Duplicati - Cloud Encrypted Backups for Ubuntu 16.04

Today we are looking at Duplicati, an app which enables encrypted cloud backup.  It is easy to set up, a person downloads the package and installs it with the build in software center of your system or with gdebi, which I used in the video.  To install gdebi either find it in your software center or with the command below.  I  also show in the video how to set it up and you will find the key difference of Duplicati in the setup process where you must choose the backup destinations as a person can use several cloud storage places like Mega.nz and Google Drive or another computer on your LAN.  So it gives you free encrypted backup to free cloud hosting services, which is a really good idea which Duplicati brought together.

There are however a few things which can be improved.  Duplicati don't send by default emails to let you know if something is going wrong and if you have more data which you like to backup then what the cloud backup options give you, then you need to buy more space from them.

Command Used:
sudo apt-get install gdebi

Download Link:

Official Site:

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