How To Change Themes In LibreOffice 6.0

Today we will look at how to change themes in LibreOffice 6.  This is part of a 2 part series of blogs and videos where we look at how to personalize LibreOffice.  Today we are looking at how to change the theme of LibreOffice and the other part is how to change the icon themes and install additional ones.  To read more about icon themes, look here:

To change the theme a person goes to your menu and then to Tools/Options/Personalizations and there you would find a button called Select Theme and click on that.  This will open a new window where you can type basically anything you want and it will show you the themes related to what you have typed, for example, you can type dogs or GTK or green so your imagination is the limit.  After LibreOffice revealed the themes available, then you click on the one you like and click ok and then again ok on the first window.  Please follow the video below for a visual guide or for voice narration look at the link below the video.

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