How to install Skype on Ubuntu 18.04

Today we are going to look at two easy ways to install Skype on Ubuntu 18.04.    You will get the same version of Skype with both installation methods and it is the same version of Skype which Windows has.

The first method which we are going to look at is as a Snap, as shown in the video.  It is a pretty straight forward process a person goes opens a terminal and copy/paste the command below and press enter, alternatively you can also get the same snap package in your software center.

The second way is the classic way, a person downloads the deb package, like exe for Windows, and just install it via the Ubuntu Software Center.

Unfortunately, it only works on 64 Bit systems.  If you have a 32 Bit system, read here on how to still use it:


Commands Used:
As a Snap:
sudo snap install skype --classic

About the Snap:

As a Deb package:
Download Link:

Official Site:

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