Condres OS 19.02

Today we are looking at Condres OS, it is a rather new operating system and only been recently added to Distrowatch.  I had a look at the Gnome edition and I am impressed with the work they have done, in the sense that they place their own touch on it, which brings many advantages to it.

The first advantage which I noticed is that it only uses about 600mb of Ram when idling which for Gnome is fantastic.  The Gnome addition also has desktop icons and I thought they would use the same extension which Ubuntu is using in Ubuntu 19.04 but I was wrong as they took a completely different route as they use Nemo as the file manager, the file manager of Cinnamon.

Condres OS has 6 editions, mainly with different Desktop Environments and it is based on Arch and all the goodness which Arch is bringing.  Enjoy Condres!

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