How to create a Public Kiosk in Ubuntu 16.04

Today we are looking at how to create a public kiosk in Ubuntu.  I created this video when I was updating the computers at my work from Ubuntu 12.04 to 16.04 and we had a couple of public computers which anyone can use, which needs to be reset to its original state after a reboot.

So to do this, I modified the default guest session, and that the system will boot up into a guest session every time without the warnings of a guest system, my desktop background warned all users that none of their data will be saved.  I recently moved to a new city but the systems still work just fine.

The guest session feature, have been removed in Ubuntu 18.04 as it is using GDM Display Manager and a person need to use LightDM Display Manager to use the guest session, for more information look here:

So in this video, we will do the following, we will first create a standard user and then it is the process of installing all the apps which you want to have available on your system.  After that, we will go to your newly created account and set it up as you want your kiosk to be.  When it is all done we will create some symbolic links and more in your administrator account so that your guest settings will use the same layout as your newly created account and so on.  Enjoy!

1) create a standard user account

2) set automatic updates (optional)

3) install and remove programs as you want

4) customize the newly created account as you want the user account to be

5) create symbolic links between your new account and the guest session:
sudo mkdir /etc/guest-session

sudo ln -s /home/guest /etc/guest-session/skel

6) autologin into the guest session:
sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf


7) remove the guest session warning message (optional)
sudo nano /etc/guest-session/

touch $HOME/.skip-guest-warning-dialog

The instructions are mainly based on this:

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