How to install Windows Programs via Crossover on Linux

Today we are going to look at Crossover.  Crossover is an application based on Wine which makes it very easy to install Windows applications on Linux.  It is a paid program, it's default price is about $40 but they do give a month trial and you can use it free and legally on Deepin OS.  That is why I used Deepin in these videos.

I like Crossover as they automate Wine for anybody to have an easy an quick install.  Crossover also pays Wine developers to work on Wine, so buying a Crossover license supports the developing of Wine as well.

We used Crossover at my previous work, I and my family recently moved to a new city, and at my work, we used Ubuntu on about 80% of our computers and we were only allowed to use Linux if the users, like secretaries, receptionists and administrators can use MS Office.  We always used Crossover for it, as it is automated, easy to install and you can create a package of your app and then export that package and install it on other systems on your network as well.

You can easily install Crossover by signing up for a free trial, link below and then install the deb package either with the Ubuntu software center or with a program called Gdebi which you can install via your Software Center.  If you run Deepin, you will find Crossover in the Deepin Software Center.

Two of the features which I love the most of Crossover, and I also made videos about it is that you can export a Windows Program which you have installed with Crossover, you can export it as a deb package and then install it on another Linux system with Crossover installed.  I made a video about this and you will find a link below.  The other feature is for a system with more than one user account, in Crossover you have a private and a public "bottle", aka package.  By default it will be a private bottle and only your user account can use it, but you can change it to a public bottle and then everyone on your system can use it!  I also made a video about it.  Enjoy!

Ps.  Crossover does not sponsor this blog in any way currently, I just think it is a great application!

Download Crossover:

Download Deepin:

How to make a Crossover application assessable for all the users on your system:

How to export and import Crossover applications:

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