Project Trident 18.12

Today we are looking at Project Trident 18.12 which is a first for this project as we normally look at Linux Based distros and this is a FreeBSD based distro, but there are a few reasons why we look at it.  Firstly, Lumina Desktop is a Qt-based desktop environment like KDE Plasma, Deepin, and LXQt and after I made my video with LXQt 0.14.0 and Lubuntu 19.04 Daily Builds I was told by the community of this distro and I just had to look.  Lumina Desktop and LXQt have many similarities as they are both "new" in the market and both lightweight and to be honest very similar, who went into two different routes.  In the past, it was possible to install Lumina on Ubuntu and other Linux Distros but it seems like that option was taken away as that page no longer exists on their website.

Lumina Desktop was created by BSD developers and it was for a while the default Desktop Environment for True OS, but now Project Trident which is easy to install FreeBSD distro is using it.  Where on the other had LXQt was created by Linux for Linux.  After looking at both these environments I can see a lot of similarities and a person feel the Qt-based in them.  It has many of the same neat features and many of the same "glitches" and I am really interested to see what will happen to them in the future, will LXQt which are under heavy development and used by Lubuntu and other distros mature quickly and leave Lumina behind or will they continue to be similar?  I guess time will tell!

Lumina 2.0 has been released a couple of months ago and I was a bit surprised not to see it on Trident, so I hope to see it soon.  It is currently running 1.4.3, I saw it by typing lumina-desktop --version in a terminal.  Enjoy!

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