How to install Teamspeak 3 on Ubuntu 19.04

Today we are looking at how to install Teamspeak 3, the client on Ubuntu 19.04.  There are PPA's available as well but at the time of writing this article, it has not been updated to work on 19.04, here is a link to the PPA

As for the method which I recommend and as shown in the videos, you can find all the instructions below and follow my videos and a visual guide or as a voice-narration.  Enjoy!

In the first step you will simply download the Teamspeak installation package from the website, then, as seen in videos, make the package executable, then open a terminal in the folder where the installation package is, also as in the video, then install the package with the second step, in the third step we will move Teamspeak from your Download folder to the /opt directory as many third-party apps stores their data there and it is available for all the users on your system.  The next command we will just teat if everything is fine by copy/paste the command into a terminal and press enter, Teamspeak should start.  Then we will add it to our app menu, by installing a menu editor, and connect the Teamspeak icon to it and as the command, we will use the command which we used to test the installation in instruction number 4.  Enjoy!

1) Download TeamSpeak

2) Installation:
sudo ./TeamSpeak3-Client-linux*

3) Move installation to a place where all users on the system can access it
sudo mv TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_amd64 /opt/

4) Test installation

5) Add icon to the menu:
icon location:
sudo apt-get install alacarte

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