Artix Linux 20190609

Today we are looking at Artix Linux 20190909 snapshot.  Artix Linux, formally known as the community edition of Manjaro has two isos.  They have a Qt ISO, with both the Plasma and LXQt desktop environments, a person choose what one you like in the login manager, and the Gnome Classic ISO, with the MATE and LXDE desktop environments.

Artix is Arch based and comes with the latest of Linux.  So the latest Kernel, when I created the video it was 5.1 and it uses LXQt 0.14.1 and KDE Plasma 5.16.2.  In the video below I looked at the LXQt edition and in my video with voice-overs on my other channel at the KDE Plasma edition.  Enjoy!

Ps.  The password of the Artix Live CD is artix

Download Link:
Plasma/LXQt -

Release Notes:,1010.0.html

Official Site:

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