Deepin 15.10.2

Today we are looking at Deepin 15.10.2.  It is a great point release for Deepin 15.10 and it should be the last point release before their next major release, which should be either Deepin 15.11 or 16 as it will be based on Debian 10 which will be stable by then.  This will be very exciting, as we can already see the extra amount of stability which Debian Buster is already bringing to the distro and Kwin.

It uses about 1.3GB of ram when idling and Linux Kernel 4.15, as for some technical specs.

Currently, the latest download link is for 15.10.1, so until then they update it please download 15.10.1 and just run your normal system updates and you will have the latest version.

Download Link:

Release Notes:

Official Site:

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