How to install Firefox on Debian 10

Today we are looking at how to install Firefox on Debian 10.  Firefox ESR is the default browser of Debian 10 which is a great browser but it is a few releases behind Firefox, for example at the time of writing the article, Firefox ESR is at version 60 and "normal" Firefox 68.

In the tutorial, we download the latest Firefox package, extract it, move the Firefox folder to the /opt directory, where many 3rd part apps stores their data and then we install a menu editor, if you are using a Desktop Environment which comes with a menu editor, please use that and then we create a new item with the path to the Firefox executable and connect the icon as well.  Please follow the videos as guides.

Firefox should update itself to newer versions when available.  Enjoy!

1) Download FireFox

2) Extract Package

3) Move the installation a to place where all users on the system can access it
mv firefox /opt/firefox

4) Add to the menu
su (if you are using the same terminal session that the previous commands then this command won't be needed as you are already logged in at root)
apt install alacarte
* command will be the path to firefox executable as shown in the videos
* the icon will be found in the folder called browser/chrome/icons

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