KaOS 19.07

Today we are looking at KaOS 19.07.  It comes with KDE Plasma 5.16.2, KDE Apps 19.04.2 and Qt 5.13.0.  It uses Linux Kernel 5.1 and it is a rolling independent distro, so not build on off another Linux Distro.  It uses about 1.1 GB of ram when idling and with its new default wallpaper and general look, it has truly become a beautiful, clean,, up to date, professional distro.  Enjoy!

About the naming, the ISO, is named 19.06, but the official release notes call it 19.07 as it was released in between June and July,  So, I am a bit unsure, of the preferred name.

Download Link:

Release Notes:

Official Site:

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