All Chromebooks with a 3K resolution in 2024

In this article. we are looking at all the Chromebooks with 3K resolution.  The inches of the Chromebooks varies and Google and HP have Chromebooks with a 3K resolution.  It is all high-end Chromebooks with a great screen to round it off.

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Google Pixel Slate - C1A
This Chrome OS Tablet in 3 different models and it comes with a 12.3 inch (3000x2000), touch display, each model comes with a different Intel CPU, amount of Ram and an SSD and they all come with two cameras.  It has Linux Apps (Crostini) and Android Apps support and will receive auto-updates until June 2027.  The Pixel pen and keyboard are being sold separately.

The B07JDT7778 has everything above and an i7-8500Y CPU, 16GB of ram and a 256GB SSD.  Buy it now on Amazon.

The B07JWCHWRM has everything above and an m3-8100Y CPU, 8GB of ram and a 64GB SSD.  Buy it now on Amazon.

The B07JWB7QB2 has everything above and an i5-8200Y CPU, 8GB of ram and a 128GB SSD.  Buy it now on Amazon.