Computer mice for Chromebooks

Today we are looking at some of the Computer mice which a person can get for your Chromebook if you prefer a mouse in place of the Chromebook trackpad or want to use a mouse alongside your touchpad.  We hope you find the perfect mouse for you!

Ps.  All the prices are the listed prices on Amazon, it can be even cheaper on Amazon.
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Logitech M500 Corded Mouse - $11.95
This is a very basic, but beautiful wired mouse which will just do what you expects of it, a great choice. and it mentions that it supports Chrome OS for complete peace of mind.  Buy it now on Amazon.

TECKNET 6-Button USB Wired Mouse - $9.99
This is also a great mouse, also wired and provides full support for Chromebooks.  It is a great, good look mouse with 6 Buttons so lots of options and power.  Buy it now on Amazon.

TedGem 2.4G Silent Ergonomic Computer Mouse USB  - $11.99
This a powerful and powerful looking cordless mouse, perfect for any Chromebook and it is even rechargeable!  Buy it now on Amazon.