How to install Blender 2.80 on Linux Mint 19.1

Today we are looking at how to install Blender 2.80 or newer on Linux Mint 19.1.  This method will be similar for all Linux based distros, so if you have something else, and are a bit confused don't hesitate to get in contact with me.refer the /opt directory as this is where many third party Linux apps stores their data and then we user our menu editor to add, blender to the menu.

Please follow the video as an installation guide and the instructions below.  We first download and extract Blender, then we move the extracted folder to the opt directory, it can be anywhere, but I placed it the /opt directory as many third-party apps stores their data there.  Then with your menu editor, you add Blender to your system's menu as seen in the videos. 

You could use any icon you like, and if you don't have a menu editor, you can install the alacarte menu editor.  Enjoy Blender!

Ps.  a Person can also install blender as a snap with sudo snap install blender --classic, for more information look here!

1) Download and extract Blender

2) Move installation to a place where all users on the system can access
sudo mv packagename /opt/blender

3) Add Blender to your system menu

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