How to resize images in Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon

Today we are looking at how to resize images on Linux Mint 19.2.  It is quite an easy process, a person installs two packages, with the command below, and then log out of your current session and log in again.  Then a person can right-click on any image and resize it, I would recommend to you the scale function and change it from 50 to 40.  The photo looks very similar but it is about 5 times smaller in size.  However please play around with the features until you find what you like the most.

The second package, nemo-image-converter, will need to be adapted if you are not running Linux Mint Cinnamon as the first word, nemo needs to be the name of your file system,  If you are unsure, please write me and I will try to assist you!

Commands Used:
sudo apt install imagemagick nemo-image-converter

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  2. Thank you for the tip. It works perfect :)


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