Feren OS 2019.12

Today we are looking at Feren OS 2019.12 and to be honest, it just blew my mind and what a way to end 2019.  I just want to say it is not perfect yet but wow this project just made a major step forward.

For a while now, Feren OS had a next release which they developed a KDE release and this is the first release where it got stable and it is now the official stable release.  The old stable the cinnamon edition is still available as Feren OS Classic.

With this step, Feren takes away the stigma that they are just a theme pack or something on top of Mint as they took all the goodness of Feren, a few apps of Mint, the update manager, the store, the file manager and snapshots, on top of the latest of KDE 5.17.4 and based on the stable Ubuntu 18.04.3 which is supported until April 2023.

Two of the features that were amazing for me is that it only uses 900MB of ram when idling, with all the customization it is kind of amazing.  The other is the themes, in the past something didn't want to work and it arent a 100% yet as seen in the video, but 99% and it actually works and looking at the Unity version it is truly a mix of classic Unity with modern KDE and Feren love!  Enjoy!

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