UOS Deepin V20 First Look

Today we are looking at a pre-build of UOS Deepin V20, and the updates don't work yet, so a person should not use it as a daily driver yet until the stable edition is released.  It is also not yet on their website and only third-party sites are talking about it and some sneak peeks on the Deepin YouTube channel, however, I thought it is worth looking at for a couple of reasons.

First things first, it is based on Debian 10, Linux Kernel 4.19 and uses about 1.1 - 1.3GB of ram when idling.

It has been about 6 months since Deepin 15.11 has been released and I miss the beta release, what we are looking at now, in December, as there was nothing on their website.  The news is that the stable edition will be released sometime this month, January 2020.

It is completely different than what it was before, just look at the video, and it still needs a lot of rounding off, maybe in this stable release or over time, but for me the new look, no longer Deepin 15.x is not the main changes, it is in the name.  It is no longer just Deepin it is UOS (Unified Operating System) and it is now a combination by major Chinese tech companies.  I won't be surprised if Huawei is one of them as they started to sell notebooks with Deepin on recently in China and another website mentioned China Electronics Corporation (CEC).

As it is early days and there is only a bit of information out there, I am very curious to see where this will be going.

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Official Site:

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