How to install Audacity on a Chromebook

Today we are looking at how to install Audacity on a Chromebook.  Please follow the video below, for a visual and audio guide.  

We start the process by enabling Linux Apps in our system settings, after that we copy/paste one command, the command below, into our Linux Terminal and run it.  That is it and Audacity is installed.

Ps.  It is not the latest version of Audacity, but a fully functional one.  Enjoy!

Update:  We made a revised video, where we show how to fix most graphical issues which you might experience and show how to record your microphone as well, look here

Please take note that with the release of Chrome OS 90,  the location of Linux Apps has been changed in the Chromebook’s settings.  Have a look at this tutorial, to see how to turn on Linux apps and then continue with the installation tutorial.

Command Used:
sudo apt install audacity

If you experience any graphical errors, please apply this change.

We also created another tutorial to install the latest version of Audacity. the windows, version.  If you have a Chromebook with an Intel or AMD CPU and the Google Play Store, look here

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