How to install FL Studio 20 on a Chromebook

Today we are looking at how to install FL Studio 20 on a Chromebook with Crossover.  

In the tutorial we first download FL Studio, please take note, that it is not a cracked version, but the official FL Studio client for Windows.

After we downloaded the package, we install Crossover from the Google Play Store (so your Chromebook needs to have the Play Store otherwise and an Intel or AMD CPU, ARM64 devices doesn't have support for Crossover.)

Then we launch Crossover and install FL Studio 20.

Download FL Studio 20:

Crossover Official Site:

Update:  In Chrome OS 83 Linux Apps has an option now, not seen in this video as it was recorded before Chrome OS 83, to choose a username for your Linux Apps,  it is completely optional and you can just press on the install option to continue, as seen in the video.  Please send us a comment on YouTube if you need assistance!

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