How to install Microsoft Office 2016 on a Chromebook in 2020

Update:  Due to major changes in Crossover, this method no longer works.  However, please look at our revised tutorial!

Today we are looking at how to install Microsoft Office 2016 on a Chromebook with Crossover.  

In the tutorial we first download Office 2016, please take note, that it is not a cracked version so either choose the installation package of the version of Office you have a product key for, or you can try it out with the trial period.

After we downloaded the package, we install Crossover from the Google Play Store (so your Chromebook needs to have the Play Store otherwise it won't work).

Then we launch Crossover and install Office.

I mention in the video, that we encounter some bugs which we need to bring under your attention.
Firstly, a couple of times when we installed Office (we tested it out more than once), the screen went black and then come back again.  Then we need to open up Crossover again, remove the half-installed version of Office and start again.  It does work, so just keep on until it installed and works!

Another bug we noticed, sometimes when launching some of the Office apps, an error report appears,  don't fear!  Just launch the application again.

Sometimes the tabs can be slow to react because some Chromebooks, hardware needs a moment or two on occasion.

Sometimes when signing in, it cant connect to the server, if it happens either use the trail, as far as we know it won't stop working completely and wait until it can connect to the server or write on the Crossover forum.

Crossover is currently a free for Chromebooks as it is in Beta, I am not sure when it will go out of Beta and what the price will be then.  Crossover has been in Beta for Chrome OS since 2017.

Download Office 2016:

Crossover Official Site:

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