Basic Video Editing tutorial with Kdenlive

Today we are having a slightly different video, where I show how I edit one of my videos.  I will also use this video to explain a bit about my layout.

So, I have an Asus Vivobook 15 with a 1080p display, i7 7gen CPU, and 8GB of ram.  I use it for all my editing, and I create all my videos on it with virtual machines.  I am using Ubuntu 16.04 currently, which is odd,  but when I got it and since then I tried many modern distros, from Ubuntu, Mint, Pop!_OS, Deepin, Manjaro Kubuntu, Xubuntu, KDE Neon, and my hardware messed up each, mainly with VirtualBox, if you know what I am missing please let me know, and then I tried Ubuntu 16.04 and everything worked perfectly.  So that is why I am using it now.

I use Kdenlive 18.12, the last version of Kdenlive before the complete new build, and I have a few bugs in it, and 18.12 just works, I run it as an appimage.

I hope you find it helpful!

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