How to upgrade to Ubuntu Rolling Rhino

Today we are looking at how to upgrade to Ubuntu Rolling Rhino which is something that I know that I was looking for and I can just imagine others as well and that is a rolling release of Ubuntu.  I hear about it for the first time on the official Ubuntu Podcast where it came into existence.  This is an official Ubuntu project lead by Martin Wimpress who is the head of the Ubuntu Desktop team as well as the man behind Ubuntu MATE.

This version of Ubuntu is basically a continuation of all the Ubuntu development releases, so be ready to experience some bugs sometimes but you will always have the latest and greatest Ubuntu has to offer.  A person needs to start off with Ubuntu 20.10 daily builds, as there isn't an official ISO for Rolling Rhino yet, and then run the commands below.

It works for Ubuntu and all its flavors, if you want to give it ago, and you have Ubuntu 20.04 currently have a look here on how to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.10 and then follow this tutorial.  Enjoy!

Commands Used:
1) sudo apt install git
2) git clone
3) cd rolling-rhino
4) sudo ./rolling-rhino

Download Ubuntu Daily Build:
Ubuntu Desktop Daily Builds
Kubuntu Daily Builds
Lubuntu Daily Builds
Ubuntu Budgie Daily Builds
Ubuntu Kylin Daily Builds
Ubuntu MATE Daily Builds
Ubuntu Studio Daily Builds

Xubuntu Daily Builds

Official Site:

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