How to install CSGO on Ubuntu 20.04

Today we are looking at how to install CSGO on Ubuntu 20.04.  We start of by enabling two Ubuntu repositories and then installing Steam.  (you can install Steam in any way you like,  and if you have another Linux distro and don't know how to do it, please write to us in a YouTube comment).  Then we launch Steam and let Steam update itself.  Then we log into Steam (I don't show this part to protect my privacy).  After that we install CSGO.  Lastly, we add to launch options,  the first disable a joystick otherwise CSGO doesn't launch at all, most of the time, and the other launch CSGO in fullscreen.  Then we close Steam completely if in doubt reboot your computer.  Then launch CSGO, as you can see it can take a long time but it works!  Enjoy!

Commands Used:
1) sudo apt update
2) sudo apt install steam

3) -nojoy -fullscreen

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