How to install Codeblocks on a Chromebook in 2021

Today we are looking at how to install Codeblocks on a Chromebook.  Please follow the video/audio guide as a tutorial where we explain the process step by step and use the commands below.

This tutorial will only work on Chromebooks with an Intel or AMD CPU (with Linux Apps Support) and not those with an ARM64 architecture CPU.

If you have any questions, please contact us via a YouTube comment and we would be happy to assist you!

Commands Used:
1) sudo apt update
2) sudo apt install flatpak
3) sudo flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
4) sudo flatpak install flathub org.codeblocks.codeblocks

About Flatpak:

Official Site:

All Currently Supported Chromebooks with Linux Apps (Crostini) support

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  1. Hello!

    Thank you very much for you work on how to deal with Chrome OS!

    While I was launching Codeblocks IDE (following your steps from the YouTube video)
    I got this msg:

    ./src/generic/imaglist.cpp(63): assert "(bitmap.GetWidth() >= m_width && bitmap.GetHeight() == m_height) || (m_width == 0 && m_height == 0)" failed in Add(): invalid bitmap size in wxImageList: this might work on this platform but definitely won't under Windows.

    [1] wxGenericImageList::Add(wxBitmap const&)
    [2] cbAddBitmapToImageList(wxImageList&, wxBitmap const&, int, int, double)
    [3] cbProjectTreeImages::MakeImageList(int, wxWindow&)
    [4] wxEntry(int&, wchar_t**)
    [5] __libc_start_main

    Samsung Chromebook plus v2

    Any idea how to fix it?



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