How to Switch Language Interfaces in WPS Office in Ubuntu 18.04

How to Switch Language Interfaces in WPS Office in Ubuntu 18.04

WPS Office is one of the most loved alternatives for LibreOffice and I was informed in the last couple of days that a person can only switch the language interface from English to Chinese, but to Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian Japanese for example.  Luckily someone in the community did their homework and found a way how to switch to these languages and more!

PS.  I'm starting this video showing how to install WPS office and from 1:40 I start to show how to switch languages.

Commands Used:
Download link:

Command used:
sudo dpkg -i package_name

Switch laguages:
Download wps-office-mui package:

Extract package and move the language part to the following location:
downloaded file path: /mui_es_es/office6/mui
move to: /opt/kingsoft/wps-office/office6

sudo nautilus

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